Eva B. Poortman


Hi! Welcome to the webpage of a young researcher interested in linguistics and its  connections to cognitive psychology.

I am a PhD candidate at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (Utrecht University) in the Netherlands, but am currently working as a visiting scholar at New York University (January – June 2014). My project is being supervised by Yoad Winter and is part of the NWO-funded VICI project Between Logic and Common Sense: The Formal Semantics of Words. My research falls within the areas of (conceptual) semantics and psycholinguistics and focuses on the effects of typicality on the interpretation of logical expressions.

Research interests: categorization and typicality,  binary concepts, plurality, vagueness, reciprocity, conjunction

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Personal interests: baking, black coffee, traveling, music, music & language, (baby) animals, literature, gender issues, nature-nurture debate, mathematics,

Currently reading: The Birth of the Mind: How a Tiny Number of Genes Creates the Complexities of Human Thought (Gary Marcus), Gödel, Escher, Bach (Douglas Hofstadter), The book of disquiet (Fernando Pessoa)


What to do when there aren’t many workshops or conferences devoted to your specific area of interest? Organize your own! As part of the VICI project “Between Logic and Common Sense“, and in conjunction with the X-PRAG 2013 conference, we are organizing a workshop on Concept Composition & Experimental Semantics/Pragmatics on 2-3 September, 2013.

Invited Speakers:
Stephen Crain (Macquarie University)
James Hampton (City University London)
Hans Kamp (University of Stuttgart, University of Texas at Austin)

Keep an eye on the workshop website for more details!