Date of birth: 24-10-1986
Place of birth: Maastricht, The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch


2017 – present
Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer, UiL OTS, Utrecht University

2016 – 2017
Lecturer in Research and Communication, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

2011 – 2016
Ph.D., UiL OTS, Utrecht University
Advisors: prof. dr. Yoad Winter, prof. dr. Martin Everaert
Title: Concepts and Plural Predication


2014 (Jan-Jun)
Visiting Scholar, New York University
Advisor: dr. Liina Pylkkänen

2009 – 2011
MPhil Linguistics (cum laude), Utrecht University
Committee: dr. Yoad Winter, dr. Marijn Struiksma, dr. Joost Zwarts
Thesis: Reciprocals and Geometry-sensitivity: An experimental study

2006 – 2009
BA Communication and Information Sciences (cum laude), Utrecht University


  • Poortman, E.B. (2017). Concepts and Plural Predication: The effects of conceptual knowledge on the interpretation of reciprocal and conjunctive plural constructions. Doctoral dissertation, Utrecht University. LOT, Utrecht.

Papers and book chapters (published)

MPhil thesis



  • (with Imke Kruitwagen & Yoad Winter). Reciprocal verbs as collective predicate concepts. The 47th Annual Meeting of North East Linguistic Society (NELS 47), October 14-16, 2016.
  • (with Yoad Winter, Imke Kruitwagen, Carien Westenbroek, Robyn Berghoff & Luca Bischetti) Lexical reciprocity and non-symmetric collectivity: a typicality-theoretic account. Cognitive Structures: Linguistic, Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives, Dusseldorf, Germany, September 15-17, 2016.


  • (with Liina Pylkkänen) Adjective conjunction as a window into the LATL’s contribution to conceptual combination. Society for the Neurobiology of Language, Chicago IL, US, October 15-17, 2015.


  • (with Lyn Tieu, Jacopo Romoli, Yoad Winter & Stephen Crain) Boolean and Non-Boolean Conjunction in Acquisition. Rencontres d’Automne de Linguistique formelle: Langage, Langues et Cognition (RALFe), Université Paris VIII (Vincennes—St-Denis), October 9-10, 2014.
  • Between intersective and ‘split’ interpretations of predicate conjunction: The role of typicality. Workshop “Formal and Experimental Pragmatics” at ESSLLI, Tubingen, Germany, August 12, 2014.
  • Typicality effects and plural predication. NYU Semantics group, New York NY, US, May 9, 2014.
  • Boolean and and non-boolean and: Resolving vagueness of plural predication. Semantics and Philosophy in Europe (SPE) 7, ZAS Berlin, Germany, June 27, 2014.
  • (with Robert Grimm, Choonkyu Lee & Yoad Winter) Evidence for non-existential readings of locative indefinites. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 24, New York NY, US, May 31, 2014.
  • The effect of lexical information on logical interpretation of sentences: Evidence from adjective conjunction. Cognitive Neuroscience Society 21st annual meeting, Boston MA, US, April 7, 2014.


  • The animals are big and small: Making sense of plural predicate conjunction. Uiltjesdagen, UiL OTS, November 2013.
  • Lexical meaning and the interpretation of reciprocity & conjunction. Workshop “Concept Composition & Experimental Semantics/Pragmatics”, Utrecht, September 2013.
  • Reciprocal quantification & lexical meaning. European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI), Dusseldorf, Germany, August 2013.
  • Exploring the effects of typicality on logical interpretation: experiments on reciprocity and conjunction. Semantics & Pragmatics colloquium, Radboud University Nijmegen, February 2013.
  • Experimental Pragmatics. Guest lecture for “Foundations of Semantics and Pragmatics” (RMA level), Utrecht, January 2013.


  • Typicality matters: Experimental work on the effects of typicality on interpretation. Uiltjesdagen, UiL OTS, Utrecht, November 2012.
  • The effect of typicality on the interpretation of sentences. Linguistischer Arbeitskreis (LAK), University of Cologne, October 2012.
  • How typicality can affect interpretation: Experimental work on reciprocity and conjunction. Experimental Linguistics Talks Utrecht (ELiTU), Utrecht, October 2012.
  • (with Marijn Struiksma) Typicality effects on the logical interpretation of reciprocal sentences: A new experimental paradigm (poster). Psycholinguistics in Flanders 2012, Berg en Dal, June 2012.


  • The role of content words in formal accounts of meaning: Experimental work on reciprocals. Uiltjesdagen, UiL OTS, Utrecht, November 2011.
  • De semantiek van “elkaar”: Een experimenteel onderzoek, Guest lecture for “Introduction to Linguistic Research” (BA level), Utrecht, November 2011.
  • A Geometry-Sensitive Hypothesis for Reciprocals, Workshop “On Logic and Common Sense”, UiL-OTS, Utrecht, June 2011.


  • Empirical Methods in Formal Semantics, MA Linguistics, 2013/2014, Lecturer & supervisor of individual research projects
  • Formal Semantics of Natural Language, ESSLLI 2013, Dusseldorf Germany, Guest Lecturer
  • Empirical Methods in Formal Semantics, MA Linguistics, 2013/2014, Lecturer
  • Communication in Drum Languages, BA Linguistics, 2013/2014, Lecturer
  • Introduction to Linguistics, Bsc Artificial Intelligence, 2012/2013, Lecturer
  • Foundations of Semantics & Pragmatics, MA Linguistics, 2012/2013, Guest lecturer
  • Communication in Drum Languages, BA Linguistics, 2012/2013, Lecturer
  • Linguistic Research, BA Language and Culture Studies, 2011/2012, Guest lecturer

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